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A proud father & Cornishman, in his own little corner of the interweb!

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For 22 years I worked on the front line of IT for a major food and beverage company, now I am the lead for an IT department that delivers broadband!

Over time I've tried to grow my knowledge and better myself at what I do and know. This has led to me doing lots of small IT Jobs for friends and family and the odd website too.


One thing you will see, if you keep checking back is that I get bored with layouts and what I should put on my website. One incarnation had poetry and short stories I wrote when at collage, another had train track layouts for the Thomas Trackmaster sets. So you never know what maybe around the bend!

Feel free to get in touch, I don't bite!


If you are looking for the Llawnroc Hotel at Gorran Haven, then I'm afraid you, and like so many before you, have come to the wrong place. The Llawnroc Hotel website can be reached by clicking on the picture to the right.

Make sure you tell them I sent you!

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